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super tiger .10 on Dave W spitfire?

First post, please be nice! :confused:

This E-motor stuff has my short-and-curlies tied in knots!

Best I can figure is my SuperTiger .10 is actually bigger? than the 480 motors (or BEEF?) I read about
and used in the Swap-Spitfire?? (don't look like it in the pictures, mine "looks" smaller but
it's mount is too big to fit the Swap motor plate even on a 45* "X" angle.
It even has a 4mm shaft vs the 3mm, but the vids keep saying use what you got, and go from there.

I don't have anything else, and just some 9 X 4.5 and 9 X 7 SF props in my box.
What should I start with, for what I got on the W-Spit??


SPECS: Mounting Space: 1.5" (38.7mm)
Diameter: 1.4" (35mm)
Length: 1.18" (30mm)
RPM/V (kV Rating): 1250
Weight: 2.4oz (69g)
Input Voltage: 7.4-11.1V
Max. Constant Current: 29A
Max Surge Current: 33A
Max Constant Watts: 320W
Max Surge Watts: 370W
No Load Current: 1.2A
Suggested Prop Sizes: 10x7E - 11x7E
Connectors: 3.5mm Male Bullet
Motor Shaft Size: 4mm

I have to mod (embiggen, a-la the Simpsons cartoon) the motor mount/power pod by about a 1/4 inch downwards,
and that does not bother me as much as not knowing if this motor is enough to power the Spit
Dave W designed, using a 2100 Venom lipo and 40 Amp esc. amd TowerPro 9G servos.
Just hope my batts fit under the extended pod!!!

I built the Spit, (first Swap too!! free plans build) but I don't enjoy crashing my planes as much as the FT crew seems to do. I spent a lot of time building and painting her, and I don't have companies sending me free stuff, so............

Any input on my concerns??? Is this ST .10 motor enough??

ANY advice for what I have to work with will be appreciated greatly!!!


Oh, and I do have a tiny bit of fly-time under my belt, but only with Tower Hobbies WarBird/ARF's
on a Tactic 650. I have all three, and this is the Hellcat.
Bad thing to start flying, but this vid is my first solo... after only one buddy-box a-la my AMA club:
Wing and Rotor of Western New York. (Yes FliteTest. Niagara Falls, but in NY!)


Let me know what you think about my motor....



Hostage Taker of Quads
lemme see . . . 1200kv on a 3s 2100 (it is 3s, right?), using a max 320W to swing a 9x7?

yeah, you're gonna like this motor on a spit.

You might have to counterbalance for the added weight, but I wouldn't expect by much.

You also might want to step up to a 10" or 11" prop eventually, but the 9" should give you enough thrust to fly. If it flies a bit weak add an inch or two to the prop and you'll see a nice difference.

BTW, welcome to the forum!
Bless you, Crafty Dan!

(and yes, 3s 2100 lipo, sorry!)

Its all I have in my fieldbox for the three TH warbirds,
and I wish to build planes (like the FT Spitfire) around that system, not buy backwards to smaller stuff.
Hey, it has to fit in my 2002 Malibu Chevy's trunk at least LOL!
(so 40 inch-ish wing span is perfect!, if my motor will carry her....?)

My Spit is a bit tail heavy already. I glued in tiny 3/4" squares of plywood for servo mounts instead of just hot gluing
servos onto the airframe. I figured it would be easier to move them around (screws) between planes
if they had to survive a "strong landing". (then I bought 20 9g Tower pro servos on ebay for more builds LOL!!)

That extra hot-glue for the plates, and the bamboo sticks I glued into the tail feathers for extra support
added a LOT more weight than I expected. I Minwaxed the Spit before paint too........

I am guessing you are telling me that my ST .10 motor will help me carry that extra weight??

Never mind my posted video/first solo flight, I find myself a "low and slow" type of flyer now. (scale-ish for size and only 20 flights)
I love warbirds, and I want them to pass so slowly that I can smell the paint and gunpowder on them. (you know what I mean?
but everybody can use some extra power to get out of trouble, right?)

I am happy you responded, you made my day, SIR!


Hostage Taker of Quads

My pleasure.

Personally I agree. A high speed pass is nice every once in a while, and having headroom to pull off that aerobatic stunt is always good, but I enjoy watching my airframes fly. If it's a blur, there's not so much to watch.

The 9x7 might be short on power at low speed, but again, a slightly longer prop will cure that. Fly with what you got, but always keep looking for what would make it better.

I know what you mean about the servos -- first struck me as "why are you ignoring servos with the swappable pods? aren't they expensive electronics too?" but then I priced it out. At $3/servo, they're just hard to source, not expensive. Just make sure you've got plenty of spares for all the other airframes you're gonna end up building ;)


Old age member
Disappointed :-( - I was really expecting someone using a "real engine" when i read Super Tiger ;-)
For me - OS and ST are good manufacturers of glow engines for combat (and other) planes.
But then - they are also getting into ecelectric ;-)

I am going to get me some bigger props for the fieldbox because I LIVE for low and slow passes!
They are about the least expensive thing you have to buy to mold your flight envelope.

Dan, do you have any ideas or links about putting landing gear on the FT Spit?
I havent had much time to look over the forum, and I am so new, I dont even know where to look for that info yet,
but I didn't see anything on the youtube vids I could use....

I was tossing around the notion of just peeling off the paper under the CG on the wing,
hot glueing a plywood plate on, and zip tying some wire and wheels onto "ears" I cut into the plate.
That plate would give me a good place to Velcro this on too.... (inspired by the youtube bomb drop vids)


I have had some real BAD issues trying to hand-launch my planes, :black_eyed:
but I seem to be pretty good at getting my planes on and off the ground in one piece if they have gear on them.......
IF you dont use my posted video as an example LOL! Hey, it was my first solo, and I had not learned the trick
of bending the stock gear wire to move the wheels ahead of the leading edge of the wings a bit.

I hate to be such a pain, but it is tuff breaking into a new forum.......
Disappointed :-( - I was really expecting someone using a "real engine" when i read Super Tiger ;-)
For me - OS and ST are good manufacturers of glow engines for combat (and other) planes.
But then - they are also getting into ecelectric ;-)
I am sorry, I didnt mean to get your hopes up LOL!

I saw on Tower Hobbies that OS and ST both have brushless motors now,
but for a guy like me who is just starting to fly after 30+ years of messing around with RC cars and trucks,
and whom is absolutly TERRIBLE with math, I am happy to see manufacturers with names I am familiar with, and trust.

The only thing is, they equate their BL motors to nitro engines, (and all them other electric numbers?)
and I am too new in the flying part of the RC hobby to know what it all means,
or how to use it to my advantage......

Im not a stupid person, but when it comes to all those numbers,
my brain just shuts down. Thats why I am so happy to have found this forum!

FliteTest seems very focused on people like me, who are just starting out and need help/answers,
where other forums treat NOOBS like a disease that needs to be eradicated?