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Supermoon- Who can resist that!


More combat please...
Last weekend we went out to our club night fly.
Is was kinda cold and windy, didn't have a night plane ready, went anyway.

Hoping that this is going to be a good summer for night flying, not too many of us flew at all last summer.
I kinda decided that I would be doing some night flying even if I have to go solo.

Reading the news today I found out that tomorrow is going to be a Supermoon. Moonrise tonight came just before sundown and was glorious.

I got home and did a quick light job on my HotRod Combat wing.
I taped a string of white (already wired up) underneath, lights facing into and through the foam.
Taped it on with red and green Zagi tape. Only one big battery was charged so I headed to the field alone.

Holy crap I forgot how fun night flying is. I hadn't done it in so long. Got my heart pumping a couple of times.
Really great standing in the field under the outrageously bright moon doing big loops and lazy rolls with the brightly lit clouds in the background. A little wind and right around 60 degrees.

The pictures suck but what a night.
Hopefully I can get somebody to fly tomorrow when the Supermoon is full!
0504122217a.jpg 0504122217.jpg 0504122219.jpg


More combat please...
Bonez- post a link to your pics when you get it done.
I wish I had a camera that would really catch the beauty of the moon here at night.
Especially as it rises over American Fork Canyon. It truly was breathtaking last night and hopefully the weather holds out and it will be again tonight.


I was lucky enough to be sitting on a secluded beach on Assateague Island, VA last night. Watched the moon rise over the ocean and had a camp fire in the sand. Venus was bright to the west, the Chincoteague light flashed to the northwest and a distant thunderstorm painted the clouds to the south. It was perfect.

Back home in PA tonight. Maybe I'll tape some glow sticks on the Assassin tonight!


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Thanks, Tex! Two other teachers and I took 18 students to the Marine Science Consortium on Wallop's Island, VA. The campus is directly beside the Goddard Space Complex. NASA launches atmospheric sounding rockets from there. The Navy also conducts training near the launch pads. Cool stuff!


More combat please...
Managed to talk a couple of other suckers to come out and play with the moon.
Will was kind enough to grab some video with his cell phone.
The red and green is mine.
The green is a friend's Albatross.
Vids turned out awesome but does not capture the true awesomeness of the Supermoon.


Propaganda machine
We've got the supermoon here tonight. But given it's Sunday night, windy and fast approaching zero celcius, I think I'll pass. Looks cool out the window

Mike oxbig

15% nitro is my cologne
Nice flying. The night here was way too windy to fly and was too cloudy to see the moon anyway.

I have my old j3 cub (my first rc plane) set up for night flight. We just haven't had a nice enough night yet.
Dont feel bad Mike
Exact same same weather conditions here got to sit and have anice talk with my wife on the hill. Cop even thought we were teenagers getting ready to make out LOL Oh to be young again I guess my truck looks like a cool place to make out LOL