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supper sonic motor work

I got super sonic motor, 50 amp esc and 3s 11.1 v 2200 30 c batterys with 6x4 prop would it work as setup for ft racer or ft spitfire or use a different prop with setup ?
I thought I was getting a mega motor combo when I order it. I must have not looked at it close enough. Got it in the mail and the motor had a supper sonic sticker on it looks to be a good size motor but I'm new at rc. Sorry so long answering back ! What prop do you run on your motor?
I tried mine with a tunigy 2826/6 -2200kv with a 7x3 and it barely got off the ground. I don't know it it was just too heavy for the 7x3 setup or of there was a problem with my thrust angle slowing the plane. So then I shoehorned in a 4240-1300 with about 1800g thrust... took off and flew into about a 30mph headwind as though there was no wind... then i turned it around and it took off at about 60 - 70 mph and was almost out of sight in seconds. had to ditch it 1/4 mile away in the orchard cause i couldn't see it well enough to tell which way it was going... damage was minor, broke prop, pulled down the pod mount block with the skewers in it ( paper separated from foam, should have peeled it first..) and a couple wrinkles in the posterboard around the nose... basically a 5 minute fix... but I' taking that motr off and getting a beef motor.