Swapable J-3 Piper Cub


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Just finished with my J-3 Piper Cub.

I am still learning to fly and thought this guys would be a good trainer.

I have always liked the J-3 and would love to fly one, one day.

Motor= NTM 28-26 Prop Drive 1200kv 258w


Battery= 3c 2200mah

Servos= Turnagy 9g

RX= Spektrum 6100e (I think?)

TX= Dx6i

Pretty sweet eh?!?!

J-3 Piper Cub FB.jpg


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Very nice! I don't know that I would use it as a trainer. It's just too nice.


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I actually didn't use any specific plans. I just printed a 3 view from google, and drew out a side, top and bottom profile. Cut 'em out, and put it all together.

Spray paint for the body. the bolt is hand painted acrylic, and the N-number are some vinyl (or something) stickers that I bought from the local hobby store. They were blue, but I was able to spray pain them and stick 'em on. They are not sticking so well anymore, but plan to use some Super 77 3M adhesive spray..... Unless anybody can advise anything that might work a little better.


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Really nice.
What is AUW ?

I apologize, I'm not exactly sure what AUW means.. All Unit Weight?
lol, I am have been picking up quite a few things RC latley, but don't think I have come across that one.
I feel dumb! lol but would be happy to answer if you could enlighten me.


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AUW = All Up Weight.... meaning the weight of the plane with everything in it ready to take off. Very nice plane by the way. What brand of spray paint did you use?
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AUW = All Up Weight.... meaning the weight of the plane with everything in it ready to take off.

Ahh, I was close! lol.

I am not actually too sure as of right now. I have been in the hospital for the pas 48 hours or so. My wife just delivered our 2nd child. A little baby girl! (little bandit!)

We are heading home tonight, and I will weigh her when I have some time tonight.

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Thank you!

The spray paint is Rustoleum from Lowe's. I found if you hold the can about 6"-8" away from the FB in areas where the foam is exposed, there is no problem of melting.. I am in the process of painting my Spitfire as well.

I did put a layer of minwax with craft paper on the fuse of the spitfire, but will do the same 6 to 8 in technique and think i will be okay. That process of adding the minwaxed paper is A PAIN! Much more problematic than I expected.