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Swappable Build WW1 bi-planes

I would like to see an old world war one bi-plane, like the Airco DH-2, scratch built.
Most bi-planes of that era had undercambered wings, and I'd like to see how you could achieve that with dollar tree foamboard. I've seen it done with balsa and tissue, but I'll bet the flitetest crew could do it with foam and skewers.

Keep up the good work guys, it's your videos that got me back into the hobby.


Just someone else.
I don't think the undercamber wing should be an issue. It's been used on the old fogey and the old speedster. If it weren't a week before Thanksgiving and i have to find somewhere to hide all of these planes...and clean up all my building sites...etc...etc....I would like to build a Tiger Moth. Not WWI, but could be built as a swappable with undercambered wings.

As for WWI planes, the did build a foker tri and a se5a with flat wings, but not a a swappable. You can see them crash in the title sequence or here...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTONumqZLR4