Swappable Hydroplane Build


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Hey Guys,

Years back I attempted to build a hydroplane that is land, water, or air worthy. I was just getting into the RC stuff and the idea has hit me again and given the talent on the flite test show I think it would prove to be a great addition. The challenge would be to make it use the swappable series idea, waterproofing the hydroplane using dollar tree foam board, and an efficient the design, and 3D capable (high thrust to weight at least). It would also make a large appeal to more than just airplane enthusiasts. Living in Florida we have lots of little lakes/ponds and would seriously help in spreading the flite test swappable and hobby. I'm sure the idea isn't new as I researched it but tailoring to the flite test crowd and swappable would be nice. Thanks for the consideration and look forward to the what you decide. Thanks and fun flying!