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SxR Setup (S6R, S8R)

Dear Friend. Thank you so much for such a great material.
I have a suggestion about setting the Knob Gain control for receivers S6R and S8R.
Wright now, there is a link to a video sent by Painless360, but it just shows how to create curves at the Open Tx.
He made another video specially about S6R, that shows exactly how to set the knob gain curve used on channel 9 , and I think would be great if you could add the link and the time of the video the setting appears ( 11:25 )to the post you made.
The link for his video is :
The name of the video is : (1/2) Frsky S6R/S8R Basic Setup
The time that the setting appears at the video is : 11:25

Kind regards :)