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Syma X5c weight info(18650 conversion) 20 min. flight

Camera: 7.98g
Propeller guards: 6.32g
Battery cover: 1.19g
Original 500mah battery: 16.68g

32.17g removed

Syma x5: 72.90g after weight reduction

Custom makeshift 18650 battery: 47.52g
Battery strap: 2.00g (Unnecessarily heavy)

Net increase without the camera of 17.35g over a unmodified X5C with all accessories.

Next modification will be a 4g fpv camera and lastly i will replace the transmitter antenna to get a stronger signal.

IMG_2021.JPG IMG_2022.JPG IMG_2030.JPG IMG_2023.JPG IMG_2024.JPG IMG_2026.JPG IMG_2027.JPG IMG_2028.JPG IMG_2029.JPG IMG_2036.JPG


Cardboard Boy
I got to play with a x5 and they dont accept extra weight at all, also im not sure how much current they need but im not sure a li-ion pack will be able to make it fly.

Well, keep us informed then, maybe I am wrong.
I just flew 20 minutes and 41 seconds without landing. I flew 20 min yesterday also but i landed to check motor and battery temp, so i needed to test again before i claimed 20 min in the air. This is indoor(no wind) above 10 ft(out of ground effect). This is mostly hovering except a few times when i got bored and did some slow figure 8s.

20 min flight time i'm pretty happy, however for some reason the weight is causing a problem with stability(details below).

It flies at %50 throttle, i also removed the landing skids. The battery is an LG HG2 from litokala on aliexpress. Iuse them to build e-bike batteries. It cost me $26 for 10 with free shipping. It is rated for 20a continuous, 3 more than 17a 25c 600mah tattu x5c batteries on amazon.

With the standard battery, the x5 flies in place with only throttle control. With the 18650 it has tiny almost imperceptible jitters. I cant get it to oscillate in place with trim and it will very slowly drift. I think its either that the center of gravity is too low, it is too much weight to be perfectly stable, or its from calibrating the gyro with it in my hand. It's not a problem though, its only when you let off the stick completely and hover for at least 5 seconds before it starts moving at 0.1 mph.


Cardboard Boy
Well good job with that, I knew this little machine had a lot of potential but not that much!

You could try mounting the battery inside of the fuselage so it is a bit closer to the center of mass and the gyro of the quad, it could be a bit more stable then.
Thanks, yeah i was very impressed at both the payload and the flight time considering how small the motors are.

I was also thinking about mountint the battery in the fuselage, but i will wait until im sure this is worth it to cut the body. Would be neat if that actually fixed the stability issue. I could cut the middle and bend the tabs out to make a lightweight \•/ shaped 18650 slot.

Next update will be with flight times of the standard, 850mah aliexpress, 600 mah tattu, and 18650 batteries. i will include the mah test results and the voltages at the start and finish for all of them.