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T6 config

Hey all,
Just started getting into the airplane aspect of the hobby, and ive got an HK Bonsai. The other planes i bought before that are trashed, but the bonsai i was able to handle. Love it. but i fried its esc, so I just ordered the HK Reaktor miniature 3D model. I am using T6 config and the HK T6A 6ch system. I have to un-program the elevon mixing for use in the 3D. I got it all set up and all, but i see "null" as an option on the toggle switches and maybe on the variable knobs. What the heck is that? I can't seem to find what it is or what its purpose is anywhere. help is appreciated! Thanks!
I can not get the disk to download that came with my exceed rc blueray heli. I am trying to switch servos and can not. It is saying it cannot find the path specified. I have tried to do a compatiblity check, but nothing seems to help.


creator of virtual planes
"null" just means that the switch won't do anything. The only choices for the knobs on that Tx is "null". The only way to actually use the knobs is to use one of the mixes to mix it into one of the channels.

I recommend having one of your switches set to Throttle Cut Off. It's a great safety feature that lets you turn off the throttle so if you bump the throttle stick, like when setting up the plane or carrying it, you don't accidentally hurt yourself. Then either have the other switch set to "null" so it's not doing anything, or use it for Dual Rates.

You can also have the switches turn a mix on or off, but that is set under the MIX menu.

If the ESC burnt out on one of your planes, but is fine otherwise, then you can buy a new, higher amp ESC and replace it. I know that some people have had problems with the ESCs that Hobby King likes to put into their planes and they just buy better ones because they don't trust the cheap ones Hobby King puts into their planes.