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Tachyon Micro HD Helmet Camera

hello all
i am in the process of ordering all the parts for my new quad copter

im planning on getting the frames cut at rccut.com . the design based off the quav500
i am planning on running dst-1200 out runners from hk
20a skywalker escs
kk2.0 or hk kk 1 board
hopefully a 9xr when they eventually come out

the camera system is the only part i am not sure of yet . i found a camera online for $100 excl shipping

Tachyon Micro HD Helmet Camera has anyone had any experience with these cameras


q3-1.png q3-2.png q3-3.png


New member
I am just about to pull the trigger on a Tachyon myself. If you get one before I do please do a quick review on it here please.
Looks like it might be the ticket to compete with the Gopro finally.
i am thinking of going gopro for the guarantee it comes with and the support of the forums . but this seams to be a nice camera