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Taco-Copter = AWESOME!

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Taco delivery is cool, quadcopters going around glitching and crashing into windows or cars or pedestrians would not be so cool.

However, a video of one crashing into a bicycle delivery guy as he rudely blasts through people would be cool.


Full Circle
Ha ha! I found that rather amusing. imagine.. a sky full of flying quads carrying tacos...The only problems that I see are radio signals glitching or interferring or the props being rather dangerous especially to some guy reaching for a taco and accidenatlly unstabilizing the quadcopter by being a little too forceful.


Rotor Riot!
It exists in the Bay Area — in concept, at least. For now, the Tacocopter, which has existed since July 2011, has been grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration, as would be any unmanned commercial drone. According to FAA regulations, "unmanned aerial vehicles" cannot currently be used for commercial purposes.
Does the TacoCopter have sensors to avoid collision with other aircraft?