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Help! TARANIS QX7 Access

Hi guys
bought a Taranis qx7 Access came with the R9m module.....the instructions are 1 page and almost NON EXISTENT compared to the couple QX7 setup videos I have watched
the qx7Access according to the manufacturer has diff firmware, I cant find hardly any instructions for the qx7 Access model

should I return this and get the QX7? Im lost.....I asked the manufacturer if the QX7 videos on youtube would apply to this access version, as an answer the clowns sent me an instruction link (see below) to a controller that looks like an XBOX controller that is it just a link and said use THIS video , so at this point I have zero confidence in getting proper information from them

this is what I bought

yet the manufacturer wants me to use the instructions and firmware and SD card files for this xbox type controller....and well... I dont trust them, they dont seem to care.... no explanations and piss poor instructions

I dont even know what or why to use openTX and what that will accomplish but before I even go down that road I again have the same questions ......will the QX7 ACCESS with this different firmware FRsky tells me the QX7 Access has work with the OpenTX software??

anyone here have a QX7 Access version that can shed some light on this....or should I return it for the older QX7 version and jump thru the flashing hoops etc ....at least I could confidently follow the youtube video instructions

and I havent begun to address the slim+ OTA receiver it has about 25 wires instead of plug pins I am accustomed to, nor a conventional wiring diagram that I am used to following

so I thought I would ask here since the people that made it dont seem to want to help
thanks for looking
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R9M is a module, so it’s not the firmware that’s on the internal transmitter module runs R9M. I run my R9M on Flex firmware and my transmitters on Access 1.0 not the new 2.0.
Is your transmitter new? Check to see what firmware is on it using OpenTX Companion. Access is just the older firmware, it works completely fine with older D16 and D8 receivers, there is absolutely no reason to change it. Just make sure the firmware in the radio matches what is on the receivers. DO NOT put access 2.0 on it, it locks out older D8 and non FRsky D16 receivers.
The version of OpenTX on your radio is separate to the firmware, it’s the operating system. You could update that if you want but it’s not necessary to use the radio. My Jumper T12 has 2.2.2 on it, which is several versions outdated and is fine, that’s almost identical to the QX7.
sorry this is all greek to me.....I dont even know what open TX is for ?
I havent even bought batteries for the taranis because I cant get a straight answer from rotorlogic or frsky ...

"quote from FrSky "
Thanks contact us, QX7 ACCESS has upgraded the hardware, use the access firmware.
The system settings, models, etc. are the same, but the working mode of them is different.

apparently it is diff firmware than the QX7

I dont know if I want this ...it is brand new it just arrived yesterday....if frsky tech support could give instructions I would give it a go, but they are useless if I buy the standard QX7 at least I feel confident I can get it working in short order as there are plenty of videos on youtube to make up for taranis lack of instructions

I think I need to return this and just buy a QX7 and drop this ACCESS version with diff HARDWARE AND FIRMWARE that seems no one can answer the questions I have

thanks for your effort


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Is your QX7 brand new? Zip it’s a 2019 model then it will run Access, which is FRsky new firmware. ACSST was the old firmware, that’s what I run. You can’t put ACCST firmware on an ACCESS radio. ACCES only works with new 2019 or later receivers in D16 mode, it does not support the old D8 protocol used in many bind n fly micro quads.

OpenTX is the model configuration system, you use it to set up the models, channels, mixers etc. OpenTX is used in a member of radios, built by a couple of manufacturers. You will need to understand it if you want to use any FRsky or Jumper or Crossfire radio gear, or set up a quad etc. There’s lots of good OpenTX videos, all radios using OpenTX will program pretty much the same, with only minor display differences.

OpenTX Companion is software for your PC that allows you to manage OpenTX radios and models from your computer, it’s easier than using the transmitter as you can see everything at once and it has a wizard for common set ups.
If you are happy to use OpenTX and can’t be bothered with FRSKY and it’s firmware mess, return the QX7 and buy a Jumper T16 Pro instead. It has everything the QX7 has but doesn’t use Access firmware, it will run any FRsky D16 or D8 receiver as well as ANY others, thanks to onboard multi protocol, so you can use cheap $15 DSMX receivers in planes, bind to Horizon Hobby planes and use any aftermarket or older FRsky quad receiver.
It also has a massive colour screen, Hall effect gimbals and can use R9M or Crossfire modules too.
"return the QX7 and buy a Jumper T16 Pro instead. It has everything the QX7 has but doesn’t use Access firmware"

the whole point of buying the what I believed to be a QX7 was for the ease of the R9m long range module already being intragated into the QX7

I have a FSi6 I can hack to add the R9M package I already bought but thought I could get some long distance flying faster if I buy the QX7 thats integrated with the R9M

I AM going to return this "QX7 Access" version that has different hardware and firmware for a regular QX7 ONLY because there are MANY tutorials available for the QX7 transmitter at least.....I COULD HAVE BRICKED THIS DAMNED "QX7 ACCESS" ALREADY... had I followed all the youtube QX7 tutorials.......but I felt hinkey about all this and had NO confidence in the frsky instructions only to ferret out this mess myself involving the ACCESS version being a different animal

thanks for your time with me, it just reaffirms I am doing the right thing ignoring the manufacture and retailer and getting the actual QX7 I tried to purchase from the retailer....my last question would be ....will the NEW 2019 R9m kit I bought work with the older QX7 or am I in another incompatibility situation?

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is there a comphrehensive manual with the Jumper T16 Pro ? or is it also a guessing game
TBS out of stock ....found some on ebay ....what makes it worth almost $100 more than the QX7

I think I would pay $100 more if it had a comprehensive manual ha!
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You don’t need to do anything to the Jumper except possibly update it once. Joshua Bardwell has a load of videos on the T16. There’s also a couple of excellent threads by @bracesport on here.
None of these radios have a good manual, they are all non existent if you want written instructions. Check Youtube for video you understand as that will be the primary source of informatio.
What type of craft do you want to fly with this TX?
Also download OpenTX Companion and go look at it. That will at least give you an idea of what you will have to learn.
Check out Open TX University on the web too.
The Jumper will work the R9M but older R9M modules don’t work with 2019- ACCESS radios. Brand new 2019 on R9M will work with ACCESS.
My personal opinion is that FRsky is a lost cause for long range in particular, I have the old R9M but will be changing over to Crossfire. Their firmware is a mess all over and they are deliberately crapping on loyal customers by making new radios not work with old receivers.
If you are starting over and want a super reliable, hassle free long range set up that doesn’t require a degree in firmware acronyms just to get working, the Crossfire Lite is a very good set up, its got most of what is in the $200 crossfire module but no display etc for $65. That’s what I am doing with my R9M, trading it in for Crosssfire.
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I have a C1 Chaser wing I am setting up for long range, and by long range I only really require 6-7 miles, my FPV gear is dialed in for a clean view at that distance with 5.8 and I am not looking to go farther, I'm a rancher & just want to check my livestock by FPV and I rent several fields in other local farms within the 7 mile distance... it could be a game changer for my work day time and having fun at the same time....and I can write this "tool" wink wink off on my taxes too.... ha!

I bought the R9m gear already >...for the QX7 and because most everyone was out of stock on the R9M full package kit (R9 receiver with servo plug pins ) r9 receivers tough to find so bought the R9 slim+ OTA only to find about 20 wires and not much help with instructions so I bought a complete R9M kit with the R9 receiver I can just plug in and bind to get in the air now! bought it from a seller on ebay and ofcourse it came from china..no returns .... so I am locked into R9M for now

I will figure out the R9 slim+ OTA wiring later ....its been a long journey almost 1/4 of a year just to get the QX7 with all the companies I have ordered one from and they all screw up the order and finally I get what I think is the QX7 to learn its not really a QX7......and months later Im still not getting in the air long range till I get the damned transmitter that integrates with the R9m....the incompetence in business these days blows my mind

I have no qualms about learning the OpenTX Companion I am pretty good with computers, so Im not intimidated with that aspect, none of my current transmitters for the hobby are that technical I have been out of the hobby for about 15 years, so never had to go there, I have a quad I fly fpv but never was really interested in tweaking it so again I never looked into open TX, libre pilot and a couple other items I briefly read about.

so after reading the last post you made I guess I am becoming more confused about my 2019 R9M's compatibility....will the R9M 2019 version & R9 receiver work with a QX7 and or the Jumper or do I have incompatibility issue here with the 2019 R9m version I alread have too.. are you saying the R9M 2019 I already have maybe incompatible with frsky transmitters unless I accept this access version??? yikes Im getting more confused now

lets make this fool proof please ...I am feeling like a fool here, I dont understand 1/2 the acronyms and it just keeps getting deeper......I have R9M 2019 version & R9 receiver what transmitters can I buy that factory integrate with this 2019 version R9m I already bought and that there are videos of how to use the transmitter .......

dunno know but seems a lot of hoops to jump thru for these 2 transmitters when I just hack this CHEAPO FSi6 to try and get it work with the R9m others have successfully hacked the FSi6 to work with R9m on youtube

is opentx absolutely required to get the R9M and taranis to work ? ....no just bind and fly ?...really... a guy that buys the taranis package with the R9M needs to buy a computer to download opentx sofware to make this factory combo of Taranis and R9M made by the same company work... can the models not be setup using the transmitter buttons? opentx absolutely required?

man there sure are alot of guys using taranis and the r9m and giving good reviews of the product, I dont know if Im just a dolt been sold incompatible products and totally lost or you just have a different opinion of the product ?

dosent seem it should be this difficult...................any else one have a tranis QX7 Access version ?

.its getting to look like its almost going to be less work and confusion to jump in the truck and go check the livestock ha!
thanks for all the insight
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If you have 2019 or later R9M then you should be able to use 2019 on R9M receivers of any type out the box. The big issue with R9M is that the receiver firmware must match the transmitter firmware or it won’t work reliably.
ACCESS is only on the transmitter and it’s internal module, imagine transmitter and module are totally separate systems, the TX interacts with the module only in sending control commands through it, otherwise it exists entirely separately.
I do not fully understand current FRsky compatibility, I have deliberately kept my stuff on old firmware because I know it works.
I have not flown my R9M gear beyond 300m or so because it’s illegal here to fly beyond visual range, so can’t comment on its performance past that.
You can trade in your R9M module and receivers on Team Blacksheeps website against the purchase of Crossfire, should you get sick of the confusion. Crossfire is well known to be utterly reliable out to the ranges you want. However the QX7 was not Crossfire compatible in its last version and ACCESS was initially not crossfire compatible either. I would say R9M is not nearly as reliable as Crossfire, if you go by all the people who have ditched it when Crossfire Lite came out.
Sorry I can’t provide a definitive answer, but FRsky have put everyone in this position since they decided to change everything up last year and R9M has been a mess since launch. There is still no really solid guides to getting it to work, which says to me that it’s difficult compared to the alternative!
If you want reliable retail then you are going to have to go to decent stores like Race Day Quads or FPV.com who specialise in FPV gear. I now only use Unmanned UAV Tech here in the UK for my hardware, since they are an enthusiast run business who actually fly what they sell. Places like Banggood or EBay sellers are only good for idiot proof stuff like cheap batteries or receivers, I don’t use them for anything critical.
well ....sigh this doesnt look good...Im thankful for your time...Im not really surprised really most of the products coming from china, are the same its cheaper but you need to buy 2 or 3 till you get one that works , or I bought 2 DVR's neither worked and had to be flashed to make them work, diversity receiver that was double image ghosted I had to de-solder a transistor then bridge the gap to make it work , OSD that requires flashing to work proper, I have a GPS that thinks home is 1.7 miles behind me and OFCOURSE all instructions are non existant or chinglish which is virtually the same

I think i will consider trade in and look into the TBS gear, your not the fisrt person I have heard this from after the fact ofcourse, sadly there just wasnt any info on the new taranis access version which just messes things up ...........especially for a new guy

one last question please so I dont go nuts thinking about this while I wait for NEW radio to be ordered again ....is the open TX absoultely required? can the models, configurations AND THE R9M etc not be setup using the transmitters buttons & controls, no bind and fly with the taranis and r9m? or is the open TX absoultely required?

Id most likely understand the explanations better if I could turn the taranis on but what I have read and told so far I dont want to even buy the ESOTERIC batteries for this version of Taranis ......which is another difference between the ACCESS version and the QX7 that I actually wanted and was trying to buy for quite some time grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

thanks again (y) you have been a great help making me understand this New Taranis ACCESS version IS the mess I thought it was because I still dont have a clue where to begin with this Taranis ACCESS version they sent me .....if I was to keep it
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I too got caught in a firmware nightmare. Ended up downgrading to 2.2.2 and will stick with the old stuff. 2.3.5 didn't want to work with my recievers and I started down the road of flashing the receivers and thought why am I doing this (it required me to make a special null cable)

I stopped myself, made a backup, and downgraded my bootloader and OpenTX to 2.2.2 I did lose some of my sound files, and some of my old model setups had to be looked at again to find Amber voices that were named differently.

I am on a Taranis x9D+ (not 2019 version)... and why they just didn't give the transmitter a different name altogether makes no sense, but that was the source of my issues.

I can't really offer you any help, other than to say I understand your frustration. OpenTx university is a good resource IF you take the time to go slowly through it. I did get a lot of help from youtube by using google to get the downgrade done. But I learned my lesson about thinking it would be simple to go to the newest build. OpenTX does have a forum, and there is a lot of help there as well, but it takes some time to get responses. I wish I could offer more assistance, but I don't have the module to fool around with.

I am at the point where I'm comfortable enough with the upgrade/downgrade process using companion, and I have a solid repeatable backup to get where I am today that I may attempt the upgrade again at some point in the future and see if I can get the recievers bound but for now I just want to fly. OpenTX is cool but it's not readily apparent how it all works together.


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@Aireal Anarchist - the thing about OTX is that is very powerful to programme things any way you wish - you can do everything on the TX that you can also do on the computer (but it is just an option). Think of OpenTX is just the language for the operating system that drives the TX.

I would have thought the radio will have come with everything it needs to run - upgrading firmware and such is just a bit of nerdery that is also optional - you should be able to go through the setup of the radio once you have batteries installed.

I use a Jumper T16, but the FRsky gear will be as good if not better - I mostly use the FRsky RX's as they do make some nice stuff - I recently I tore off both antennas without realising it and it still flew (luckily I had my volume on and got a critical RSSI warning) and landed safely!

link to FRsky

Is this the manual you are looking for?


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No closed system radios like Spektrum support R9M. It’s an Frsky product so is designed for OpenTX.
You DO NOT need the OpenTX Companion software to set up models, you can do it entirely off the radio screens, it’s just a lot longer and more annoying to do that, OTXC has a “wizard” which helps set stuff up.

You could go back to the old 72Mhz crystal gear, don’t know how far that goes vs crossfire but it’s totally analogue, old Futaba radios from back then are probably the best option.

There’s other operating systems like Deviation around, from the earlier period of TX development that gave us the Taranis etc but OpenTX is the biggest and is what most radio companies now use.
I also forgot that TBS make their own radio, the Tango 2, which may be worth looking at.
@evranch has a livestock quad and flies some big distances, he might have a simpler solution for you.

I have never had huge failure rates with gear, stuff that has been no good was broken by me mostly. I don’t buy the cheapest possible stuff and generally stay 6 month or so back from the bleeding edge of new release hype. There’s now a short list of companies who make gear I can rely on, I stick to those.

@RustySocket You can run any version of OpenTX on your old X9D, it is not tied to the transmitter firmware. It’s only FRsky that are messing up older radios by introducing Access. If you want to avoid their crap keep using older receivers or there’s now some aftermarket D16 quad receivers available that are deliberately designed to run on older Accst. I am sure the FRsky firmware stuff will get cracked in the future, then we can go back to fighting the firmware problems instead! My top tip with FRsky is find firmware that works in your receiver and TX, keep the receiver firmware on the TX then every time you buy a receiver, flash the firmware to it from there, ignore any other “updates” if your set up works.

@RustySocket You can run any version of OpenTX on your old X9D, it is not tied to the transmitter firmware. It’s only FRsky that are messing up older radios by introducing Access. If you want to avoid their crap keep using older receivers or there’s now some aftermarket D16 quad receivers available that are deliberately designed to run on older Accst. I am sure the FRsky firmware stuff will get cracked in the future, then we can go back to fighting the firmware problems instead! My top tip with FRsky is find firmware that works in your receiver and TX, keep the receiver firmware on the TX then every time you buy a receiver, flash the firmware to it from there, ignore any other “updates” if your set up works.
That makes perfect sense, especially regarding keeping the receiver software on the radio. The receiver that gave me trouble with 2.3.5 was a FrSky X8R, the one that shipped with the X9D+. So what I am reading is that I shouldn't have had any issue and needed to flash that receiver?
When I did this I had a system that was working fine, but for some reason I felt the need to update it. I started down the path thinking it was going to be easy and it took me about 8 hours to sort it all out. I had to step away from it, watch a lot of youtube and do a bunch of reading to attempt to get it back to what I had. I believe my issue with my Amber pack arose from the fact that somewhere along the line a 6 character filename limit was implemented and my sound files then had a mix of old files with 7 character names, model setups with mismatched soundfile references, and a mix of soundfiles on the SDcard, as I had used a merge function without a proper backup. In any event, I did get my situation sorted and I learned a lot about flashing the radio, the bootloader and the OpenTX firmware. I also created a stupid error by using the -heli tag and eliminated the heli menu from the radio, which I was forced to go back and fix. I am by no means an expert and am only saying to the OP that I could empathize with his situation having been in one myself. But that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and lots of support out there should he choose to continue. Overall, my Taranis transmitter has done more that I will ever need it to do at a price point that I don't understand how they can provide it. I will put 2.3.5 on it later today and see if I can sort my X8R issue out without needing to flash it. I'm also modded with a DSMX/DSM2 module that I disassembled and put inside the transmitter case and have the antenna mounted in a proper location rather than out the back as it came from Orange.
As I look back on the situation I was able to get the X8R bound on 2.3.5 but rather I couldn't get any servo to move, I am wondering now if in my panic I simply forgot to calibrate the transmitter sticks after the upgrade and hastily assumed something was wrong. That is a very strong possibility given my state of mind at the time as I do know after playing around with some other versions that was required with each firmware change. As it stands now on 2.2.2 I have my heli setup back and running. I've got my older model files updated to reference new sound file names, all the old 7 character sound files have been moved off the SDcard and onto a backup on my hardrive so that someday when I'm bored I can listen to each one, give it a proper new name and create my own version of Amber's sexy voice.... haha. I'm still somewhat in the dark about making that cable with a reversed pin to connect from the transmitter to the receiver and that was why I stopped, as I didn't see the need to continue to update parts that I knew worked together at one time. I continue to learn, I love the technology, but it has to be done very methodically with a clear mind as it can get confusing. It's not something to just jump into an hour before a flying session... or so I have learned. Thank for your help. I don't want to pollute the OP's thread and am sure someone who has more knowlede than I do can help him get it sorted should he wish to continue with it.
That helps and as I thought Open TX was not part of the problem nor was it going to solve any issues I currently have with the Taranis ACCESS.....I get it about the opentx now thanks......but thats the part of this conversation that really made the confusion worse, and
as I thought OPEN TX wasnt really a necessary part of the conversation of " if" I should even keep the new taranis with the different hardware and firmware or go for a older version of Taranis
opentx was just one more confusing part of the subject that AT THIS TIME WASNT RELEVANT........I can and will go look into open TX at a later date

I am still of the opinion I maybe sitting there trying to figure out something on the taranis access and because of the diff hardware and software I may not get help from others as they mostly have the older taranis and their instruction may or may not work....

I mean after all Frsky tech support instructions they gave me by email yesterday would have BRICKED THE brand new TARANIS if I had the new size batteries in hand! or had I followed the instructions on the forums for QX7 again it would have been bricked

If I decide to continue with the taranis R9M path I have started down it will be with the original taranis qx7 where everyone else has had much time to collectively work out the issues....I choose not to be the Guinea Pig

just looking at an RC Groups thread OVER 2000 PAGES discussing the use of the taranis QX7 and its still a live thread to this day
go to youtube again a TON of how to videos.....then type in Taranis QX7 Access and there is diddly!

thanks all for the input gentlemen(y)
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painless360 did a review on the access setup....
might help !!

thanks I did get a 1 page instructions sheet but like 98% of chinese instructions they are a joke, to learn the Taranis youtube has the most info or RCGroups is the best sources I found so far BUT...........

actually this review would get one into trouble @ 6:50 in the video he states one could reflash with the older firmware....well... with different hardware and firmware .......Im NO expert Im a beginner but......"BRICKED AGAIN" ME THINKS and just one more reason to return the ESOTERIC ACCESS version of the Taranis again had I followed the youtube how to videos this would have been the 3rd time in 2 days bad advice would have bricked the unit!
@ 9:00 into the review he tells you to download the QX7 SD card files........THE QX7 ACCESS version utilizes different files!!! than does the original QX7..... this gentleman doesnt realize that this has diff hardware and firmware

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT .....proving my point that the video instructions out there are for a QX7 and IT IS A DIFFERENT ANIMAL THAN THE ACCESS VERSION
"I would have thought the radio will have come with everything it needs to run - upgrading firmware and such is just a bit of nerdery that is also optional - you should be able to go through the setup of the radio once you have batteries installed. "

@bracesport...thats not the point....point is there are no factory instructions, we get our info on how to operate the unit from collective sources online by owners of the product.......3 times already in 2 days info given to me would have bricked the unit

I know its nerdy.....It doesnt matter if it is not necessary, it maybe in time OR can you garantee me that every function and setup feature is identical to the original QX7 for which I will be looking for how to video for insight....and soooo many post start with go flash it with the latest version of QX7 firmware.....click click and your bricked...sooo many guys in our hobby do ultra nerdy stuff because its there to be done
guys are buying and printing unnecessary3D bits for planes and drones CAUSE its nerdy!

Im not that nerdy and I dont have that confidence with the discrepancies between the 2 units I found ALREADY.....I choose not to be the Guinea Pig and exactally why I started this thread....Im not being a smart ass here but I seem to know more about this ACCESS version than some reviewers and I dont know diddly!!
BUT I DO KNOW ITS DIFF HARDWARE AND FIRMWARE and that alone is something many DONT know
which is why Im here starting the discussion, and so that others considering the purchase of the newer ACCESS version will SEE THERE ARE ISSUES and you CANT follow ALL the online collective tutorials available or you may likley BRICK your new purchase
I have only scratched the surface and found major issues....and dont even have batteries yet! what else is an issue?? I dont care to be the guy figuring it all out ....I need to get to work

thanks to all involved and if your looking to buy a new Taranis ACCESS version Im glad you have read this thread
CarryOn :giggle:
painless360 did a review on the access setup....
might help !!
His (painless360) channel is an excellent resource. I spend a lot of time watching his videos on setups and opentx.

@Aireal Anarchist
Buddy, I get your frustration. I truly do. I don't think your can really brick your radio to an absolute unrecoverable situation as you should be able to access your bootloader by holding your rudder and aileron trims toward the power switch while powering on the transmitter and you should be able to either put new firmware on the radio from that point or re-install the previous firmware that is on the rom/sdcard.

You might try that process to simply see if you can get to the bootloader on your model. If I had one in my hands I'd be happy to help, but I don't. In that sense though all the opentx platforms (which yours is, just running a FrysKy branded code) work the same in that sense.

Open source projects are not for everybody, and I get where you are coming from. Sometimes the newest, greatest also has the bugs. For a while when I first got my transmitter I was loading the daily OpenTX betas on it, but it was not my primary radio, it was more of a lets see what I can do project. (I am that nerdy). But I walked away from it for a few years and quickly forgot how complicated it was and kind of forgot all the steps involved. Even with my previous experience it took me a solid day to recover from my urgency to get to 2.3.5...which I put on it because I geek out over stuff like that.

Some people like computer that run IOS, some like Windows, others of us are kind of geeky and play around with various version of Linux. Your transmitter and all others on opentx are on the linux end of the spectrum... where at the beginning getting a cdrom drive mounted was a chore...

I wish I could help you more to sort it out.


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@RustySocket - Yes I have done some whoppers where I thought the RX was toast - but a wipe clean and reinstall of the SD card worked every time!

When I first received my radio I charged the batteries calibrated the sticks and sliders, and then and plugged it into my Simulator as I did not have the Rx with me at that time. Then (once I located the model's button vs the settings button) I created models using the onscreen helpers without a manual. Once I got the Tx home I set up the D16 option in the settings to talk to my FRsky RX's and the FS2a option for my FlySky RX's. I personally have not looked back.

FYI - I have flashed (probably unnecessarily) my FRsky Rx's and also my External module with the latest firmware via the SD card, and these days I am running OTX 2.3.3

For the ACCESS issue, the simple path is to buy a couple of their ACCESS Rx's and everything will be fine - in the longer term, you will be able to have some workarounds for using NON-ACCESS Rx gear - the ACCESS gear actually looks pretty good - If I wasn't in bed with my Jumper I would seriously look at it!
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