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TBRC Wings is having a massive Post Christmas sale! TBRC60 and Reflex38

Hey gang, I'm here to let you know that TBRC Wings is having a massive sale for 1 week only
TBRC Sales.jpg

The TBRC60 has been featured on a flitetest episode when they were flying in France. It's an amazingly stable plane with great slow speed and high speed characterFishSticks.

The TBRC Reflex38 is a true blast to fly. Its a 38" wing specifically designed for FPV racing. This plane has none of the tendances you may have seen before such as wing waggle. This will give you the truly locked in feel we're all after. This plane also has a large battery bay which allows you to decied if you want to make this plane a rocket ship or a gentle cruiser. I have gotten a 50 minute flight time on one battery on my Reflex without any problem. The Reflex won the NAFPV wing race in 2015 and the FatShark Frenzy - Canadian Drone Nationals in 2015 It also placed 2nd and 3rd in the Wild West Wing Race(both running 4s, only beaten by a plane running 6s)

Both the TBRC60 and the Reflex38 are 15% off for 1 week only. For the first time ever we are offering a bundle, if you buy 2 Reflexes we are giving you a 20% discount, including combined shipping which makes it even cheaper for you. Perfect if you and a buddy want to fly together.

Here you can see the TBRC60 owned by ImmersionRC in this Flitetest episode

I can answer any questions you may have if you're interested in these awesome wings.