TBS Discovery Pro Build


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Wanted to share a slightly boring raw video form the discovery pro.

I met a guy who was flying his Phantom 3 with an HDMI monitor on the roof of his car, using an invertor to power it and we tried to do some air-to-air footage.



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I have been thinking about a new photographic project and wanted some extra long flight times so I tried to tether the Disco pro to a balance connector with many batteries (about 20000 mAh) in total.

Here is the video:



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I had some funny experiences this weekend.

I ordered some CF props from RCTimer which I installed and flew for the first time.

I was filming a guy flying his phantom air-2-air.

I had been talking to this guy a lot about the dangers of relying on the electronics, even in a "stable" machine like the phantom, however he didn't seem to believe me then he tried to fly over me while I was in pos-hold mode, I didn't say anything but warned him that barometers are not infallible and being a windy day + the propwash can cause things to "bob". He still wanted to fly...

His phantom "reversed" into my discovery and his came off second best, mine fell a little but recovered nicely (thanks pixhawk). The CF props must have chewed up his props nicely. The thing fell like a rock onto the ground and blew up into a million pieces. Gimbal destroyed, motos bent, case cracked, even the micro-sd card was cracked.

Poor guy was devastated. I have a few chips out of the props.

Lastly here is a quick video of the crane outside our apartment in the snow.



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Real nice videos there nilsen. The Disco, or maybe I should say Pixhawk, took that phantom hit like a tank. Looks like it barely fell before it was back solid. Unfortunate for your friend though.

Finally got my Disco out for a 'real' maiden today. I was a quick one, but enough to gather some information. I have more details in my build log.