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Teaching My Children To Fly - The Diary


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I've started to work with my youngest son a little now, He's definitely got the interest (he loves tinkering, gluing, very into "his" projects lol) but he still needs some stick time. I've had him on the simulator some and he's not bad, especially from FPV perspective, but this is his first attempt at real world flying. The Lidl glider I built is a bit too much plane for an absolute beginner and I defiantly needed some more tuning on the rates for him to even have a chance at flying, but all in all he managed a few good turns. Not bad for a first time! I'll have him start with the 2 channel TT glider (probably do a high start setup for a while like I did with my other son) for a while, I think he'll enjoy that more...

Anyway, I thought you'd get a kick out of this... but my "treat" to keep him interested (helps that he loves chuck gliders) is to have a few rounds of "Glider Combat" with him and his little gliders. The only problem is he's getting better at throwing them accurately! :ROFLMAO: Fortunately these little glider conversions are quite tough, I've already had some pretty good crashes (of course, never on video) with the Lidl BlackBird and I've yet to even break a prop...

Don't mind the music, was playing with the editor! lol
Ha Ha! That was good! Your take on glider combat with your son is a riot! That looked like a ton of fun for the both of you. What a great idea. You're right - his aim is getting pretty good!


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Hahaha... Yeah its a blast!

Also the reason I use so many 1104-1106 motors with little props. Much lower risk than the 10" props with all the kiddos around! Ive been bit by a few of the little ones, at worst its like a little cat scratch... I take a little more care with the larger stuff so I havent had the pleasure of seeing what they'd do but I had a dog that did! Dummy decided he'd take a run at my phantom while it was taking off. It had carbon fiber props... The dog lost... It was like cat scratches too I suppose... If the cat was a bobcat :ROFLMAO: