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Teaser...F-16 3D Profile Foamie

I've been working on the design of a foamie F-16 off and on for over a year. I have built 4 prototypes so far. The first one was weak in the nose so I didn't pursue that design further. The second I built was very strong but got borked in the shipping container when I was moving. The third design was ok but I didn't like the way the fuselage went together and it was an assembly nightmare IMO. This last version is pretty much a complete redesign from the ground up. I finished assembling the foam bits tonight, still have to install the BEC, battery, and servos.




I plan to do a build video and maybe a maiden if I can get a hands-free camera like an 808.
Any progress on this one? I myself always fond towards a full fuse airplane design as I can tuck all the electronics inside. Furthermore, it can be flew with more than 1800mah lipo.