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Tech One Angel


Staff member

The pair of Josh's take advantage of the fleeting autumn days as they review this little EPP flier. The Angel is made of EPP and claims to be "unbreakable". Josh Scott takes this as a personal challenge as he convinces Bixler to hand over the controls!


Tom O'Connell

Bixler FPV Mods Fantastic
any one know much about this plane?? is it good?
i dont really know much about it but it sure looks good. What's your standard of flying? By the looks of it, it isnt exactly a beginner plane but im sure if you could fly an intermediate plane you could fly this


Flying Derp
Chad - Sorry to get off track here but I see the original post is from 11-28-2010. When did you guys start the forum..I didn't realize it was that old lol