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Tee Dee .020 Air Racer!

Tee Dee .020 Air Racer! V1 and V1.1(power pod version)

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BlockerAviation submitted a new resource:

Tee Dee .020 Air Racer! - Perfect little "bank and yank" Racer for an .020 or 1806 motor!

This little racer is a quick and easy build for a rainy weekend. It builds like an FT mini scout and flies just as good! For power you can use any thing from a pee wee .020 to an 1806 FT motor. For servos, you can use two 9gs like in the pics or, you can use three 5g and split the ailerons (recommended). So far mine has yet to be flown under power (these engines are almost impossible to start in the cold) but I can say that it handles quite nice in a glide. I'll do a full build thread soon...
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BlockerAviation updated Tee Dee .020 Air Racer! with a new update entry:

FT Power Pack Update

Thanks to @GrizWiz , there are now Tee Dee Racer plans that accommodate the FT power pod. The new plans have a few differences from the originals but functionally they are the same airplane. Like I said before these airplanes only take one sheet of foam to build and I you've built the FT mini Scout before you'll have no problem building these!
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