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Teenie hawk bind button

I have a teeny Honda S2 I can’t get a Best Buy button how else can I get that bind but no work but it’s totally gone there’s nothing there I ordered some buttons but they haven’t got here yet but is there another way I can bind that to my receiver without them but some help would help because


And I’ve been trying to get in the disport this hobby I should say quite a while now flown phantoms photography on the good stuff but it’s nothing like these quads I had fun I’ve got about seven or eight but I’ve got so much money into them even know if there’s questions I have and I don’t know who I can ask or drag anybody out there want to help out but I do the questions about receivers I got that I got that drug I got all kinds of questions like a bunch of but it is in California area southern be great talk to you I don’t want to rip you off sad to be watered at a rip you off but I got thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars and it’s just getting on the upswing help would be appreciated thank you


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So to summarise-
  • This is one of several FPV quads, you have a few DJI style ones already?
  • You cannot find the bind button?
  • You would like advice about where to meet other pilots?
Bind button is shown at 3:58 on this video , there’s a bunch of Betaflight set up stuff first which you probably won’t need to do.
Look on Facebook for FPV groups in your area and go to a meet up if you want to see some local pilots.
There’s some good dedicated FPV/quad forums around too, if they are as welcoming and friendly as this forum then you should join, if they appear not so friendly move on and check another. Look at how established members treat new questions, that’s a a good test of the attitude.
Which transmitter do you have?