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Tek sumo which motor?


Rotor Riot!
That setup will make your Tek Sumo rush straight up in the air! But it will still be docile and maneuverable.

I have tested this setup and I love it! :D
Sorry for digging up such an old post... but i'm just looking for a setup for a sumo-like wing (telkin toro 900).
I'm also quite new to RC plnaes so forgive me my stupid questions, I don't compeltely get what specs are really important yet.

I have a few questions regarding the Setup, since I have some Parts already lying around, that would be nice if I could use them.

Would the setup also work with 1600 mAh 2S batteries (although slower of course)?
Would it work with 6x3 Props? (also slower I guess? - i know props are cheap but i have them lying around useless because i misordered them)
would it work with the combination of both (I don't think so but at least I can ask ;) )
would a 25A (or 25-30A) also be enough? the motor uses max. 20A if you believe the HK website :)

and a last one: does the motor come with o-rings or do i have to get them seperately?

Just to keep it up-to-date, if someone reads this who has similiar questions like I did:

the Motor comes without o-rings, order some with it. I guess 15-17mm diameter should work on a 6x5 prop. I tried a 18mm and it was quite loose.

gonna test it as soon as i got some different sized o-rings