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TekSumo or mini Skywalker?


Well, after trying fpv on my tri for some time now and seeing my friend fpv on his plane I decided I should start fpving on a plane too.

what I want to use in this plane is:
- A homebuilt multiwii with voltage sensor, current sensor, gps, and ofcourse gyro, acc, compass and baro.
- A homebuilt rush osd
- A 200 mW 5.8 foxtechfpv tx (soldered onto the homebuilt osd pcb)
- A homebuilt 5.8 cloverleaf
- Camera: I don't know exactly which one, bought it 2n'd hand. looks like a fatshark cam though.
- Recording: probably a keychain cam or something of that size.

so, what's left is deciding the airframe, I can't choose between a mini Skywalker and a TekSumo

The servo's I would probably use on the skywalker are HXT500's and for the TekSumo I am doubting between HXT900's and MG90's

I like the way I could embed everything in the wing with the TekSumo, but a fuse is also very handy...

So, what I would like to hear from you, which one of these would be more suitible for fpv flying?


ps. I am using a turnigy (ER)9x with FrSky, will use a D4R-II receiver with ppm and rssi to the MultiWii.


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I love my Mini-Skywalker for FPV, but unfortunately can't help you with the comparison. I can say though that it's pretty small - I don't know how big your MultiWii board is, but most of the ones I've seen wouldn't fit inside the plane. Is there a reason a Bixler isn't on your list?
Thanks for your input.
my multiwii will be about 21mm X 36mm. i dont know how thick it will become, probably around 10mm or so, so I'll probably find a spot to put it in:).

The reason the bixler isn't on my list is because I wanted a smaller fpv plane, like the mini skywalker and the teksumo are:p


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Personally, i've had a lot more success with the TekSumo instead of the mini-skywalker,
It flies a lot more smoother, and has less shakyness.