Testing the new Aikon AK32 35a BLheli32 esc's FPV freestyle VLOG 5


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Last week I got the new esc's from Aikon Electronics! The AK32 35A 6s blheli32 esc's!!! In this video I'm testing them out!
My setup:
Custom made 210 frame
Aikon Electronics AK32 35A esc's
Cobra Champions 2205 2300kv motors
DYS F4 flightcontroller running BF3.2
GEPRC 5*4*3 props
TBS unify vtx
HS1177 FPV camera
Foxeer 2.5mm lens
XM+ receiver



Wake up! Time to fly!
Wow them triple super quick half back full roll half back flip was crisp and super locked. Not sure if you were able to pull them off before but man I had to watch it several times in You tube slow motion to see what you did. Nice job. Think I may have to give you a +1 to take Steeles place on Rotor Riot.


Wake up! Time to fly!
You be you mate. Don't try n be like someone else. You guys are two different pilots with two different skill sets. Your personality makes you worthy of being watched.