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Thank you for the inspiration


Junior Member
Early last year I rediscovered the whole RC thing back from being a kid, and was soon inspired by the swell of FPV to branch out from the cars and start flying. I just want to say thanks to Flitetest, Team Black Sheep, David Windestal, FPVcannuks and all the usual suspects that I am sure got may of us into the hobby recently.

I have splent plenty of time here watching everyone elses videos, so here is my turn - a video pieced together whilst I was learning to fly last summer. I am getting better (I prommise) and looking forward to some longer nights when the sun stays out long enough to get some airtime in after work. Thanks again for the inspiration.

(Unfortunalty my bank balance is less greatful, and my finacee is really getting fed up of all the planes and parts filling up the house)