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Thank you!


Full Circle
Hello all,
I just thought I would make a thread saying thank you to everyone for such a welcoming and friendly community! It makes viewing this forum very enjoyable! Again, many thanks!:)

Sorry if this is the wrong place to put it, teflyer


Bonez, Burping and farting is not rude. Those are the results of natural processes within the body. No, they are not rude, but they are always funny!
Ahh on the contrary friend. Ever done such an act while doing the gidy gidy? Ahh yea laughing my azz off she was none to happy LOL :applause:

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
LMAO!! That's funny.

I also would like to thank everyone especially Chad for starting this whole thing, and the Josh's for making it interesting enough for me to look further and find all the cool people on this forum. Finally thanks for everyone's interest, advice, questions, etc. that make it fun to keep coming here......and for not being pricks.

Here's to the best forum on the net.
I must say, this was the first forum I have ever joined and the best. RC groups is very informative and excellent in that sense, but sometimes gets quite heated. So I just instinctively duck my head and head back to the flitetest forum. :D


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
teflyer, other forums were certainly looked at, when deciding how this one would be shaped. Flite Test is a very beginner friendly show, and many forums, while they should be welcoming to new pilots, aren't. So, Chad wanted this forum to always be a haven for people who had questions, even if they were questions that had been asked before.

I know that I never want to see someone reply to a question with "use the search feature". If you have the time to do that, you have the time to answer the question, or link to a place that can answer the question for you.