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Thankful for my RC family.

I'm very thankful for my dad getting my brother and I into this hobby. I've had countless hours of fun with these guys. Included in the photo is my dad, and younger brother Matt. Who have actually got to fly with Bixler! We're big into sport flying we have Gas, Glow and Electric. And we LOVE scratch building. We were just fortunate enough to be featured on Bruce Tharpe Engineering's Facebook page! Love this hobby. IMG_0198.PNG


New member
In my case it was also my dad who introduced me into rc. But he is very veery old school and never stopped building with balsa and CO2 powered engines. So there's not much to learn from him when it comes to quad's, which interest me :)
For me my dad got me in the hobby and I simply love when we fly together, but recently he has been very busy and of course I'm in High School now so we haven't been able to fly together for a year and a half now
Awesome that you guys fly with your family guys! My dad got me into full scale and gave me my life long obsession with aircraft. He doesn't fly RC, but he's definitely the reason that I do.