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Thanks Flite Test

My name is Darrell and this is my first time ever posting on any forum . I would just like to say thanks to the Flight Test people for all you do . I’m recently disabled and I’m really into rc flight , have been for most of my life but never really learned how to fly . Now I have the time to learn also it’s about one of the only hobbies I can do . I already built 2 planes from your free plans and dollar store plans . Unfortunately that’s as far as I got for lack of funds do to the fact that I can no longer work. The build was at least fun an cheap, gave me something to do thank you for that . One day I really really hope and plan to get electronics and get airborne . Thanks again Flite Test for helping me to do something I wanted to do for a very long time .



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Hi Darrell,

Welcome to the forum. Great looking planes. I don't know where you live but maybe try to find a local club to help with the flying. Some clubs just might have a plane and a buddy box to get you into the air. I know going to Edgewater Air Park all you need to learn to fly is have the desire. Josh breaks out a simple scout and 2 radios and the lesson will begin.

Keep up the great building skills. :cool: (y)