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The Bike Thread (pedal power not motor power - e-bikes excepted)

Yeah, you could still get a Trek 820 but it just isn't nearly as capable as the others and isn't built for serious mountain biking. A stumpy should be a pretty solid choice though.
Just watch out for the base model, It comes with very low line sx components. I already upgraded my group set to gx. The suspension and rest of the bike is great though, and you can't beat it for the price!
Dang. Our bike trail is great! Now to add features. Thinking about it, the first section doesn't need features except for the berm. Then there's the technical climb. Sketchy. Nearly been able to finish it but not quite. Its really soft soil there so it can get slippery. And then you have the downhill run which I will soon be adding features to.


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13mi and 1400ft of elevation change at Andrews trail! A little slickery but overall great ride. They're starting to add more trail yet so the milage just keeps on going up! Here are some pictures of the place. In the summer it looks like a jungle! View attachment 197761 View attachment 197765 View attachment 197767 View attachment 197766 View attachment 197762 View attachment 197764 View attachment 197763
That's more elevation than I get doing 100 miles around here. LOL
I'm personally right in the middle. My bike is between MTB and a hybrid (basically it is a hybrid but with way more MTB dna than your average hybrid). I do some mountain stuff every once in a while but most of my biking is on roads, that's why I asked the question.
Same. When i do biking i use roads to get to the forest track then i fo mountain biking from there
Nothing wrong with that! My first real MTB was my dad's old Cannondale F500 that had a head shock, and before that I had an old Giant Iguana that was fully rigid and had marginal rimbrakes.
My first mtb might have well as been fully rigid cos the fork might move a cm if your lucky! I learnt most of my mtb basics on it and it had rear rimbrake and front disk. Rather interesting design lol