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The Bixler


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This week the Joshes return, with the flight review we were denied last episode. Josh Bixler hand launches the Bixler plane, for a review flight from, wait, this has to be a typo, Josh Scott? Yes, Josh Scott takes the new Bixler plane for a spin and does a great job flying it from a beginner's perspective. Josh Bixler walks us through some of the main points of the plane while Josh S. concentrates on flying his circuits. A little disaster seemed eminent when it is accidentally flown into the sun's glare, tune in to see if a Bixler Plane Repair episode is in order.



Today I had a horrible crash and my first Bixler is toast. I just ordered another though; its THAT good of a plane. I put an APC 6X4 Prop on it but had to switch the motor wires to make it flow right. Looking forward to my Bixler version 2 to arrive.

Tom O'Connell

Bixler FPV Mods Fantastic
the version 2 isnt really that different, if anything its worse as you get less interior space. does anybody know of any motors you could upgrade to, fpv gear might bog down that stock motor
Just got my Bixler from HobbyKing, i am new to the hobby & enjoying it :)
Want to know if I can upgrade the lipo to 2650mah 3S 25C on the stock motor?


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yes you can, remember to take out the metal rings inside the nose if you are using that heavy battery and look for the correct CG.


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I have an FSD motor. 2826 i believe, its great, preparing it for first flight on my scratchbuild which will also be on its first flight soon.


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Excuse me while I vent, I was fortunate enough to find this site early on in the hobby and learned to fly building swappable after swappable. I finally decided to get the Bixler 1.1 ARF because my attempts to scratchbuild my own glider were not progressing rapidly enough.

In my opinion, this is a great plane if you do not let HK have any input on the electronics. I spent the evening when it arrived desoldering connectors on my esc in order to lengthen the wires because there was no fitting them with the supplied motor. The motor wires do not even reach into the fuse. I forgot to mention it is tossed in a box with no padding or packaging and this box looked like it had been kicked from West coast to East. It somehow survived.

I pried the taped body apart and seeing that everything was as I wanted, glued the fuse and tail. I had half the screws needed for the control horns so I compromised with glue and two screws per, it'll do. I then find that the elevator control rod is too long. I clip it and make a new Z bend. Connect the servos to get them centered and the elevator servo is shot. I have a few spares so I take the hit and replace it through the little hatch in the bottom, a bit of a pain, but my fault for not checking them before I glued the fuse. The clevises are useless unless you tape them closed. The screws that hold the wings in do not screw, they just push into nothing and remain by gravity. A bit of hot glue on top of each will hold them in.

This is not ARF, it is plan on a lot of tinkering to get it ready to fly.

Well short 1 servo and a lot of patience I finish up and get everything set into my tX, and put it away until I can maiden it.

I does fly great in the end, and I of all people should not be surprised that HK is hit and miss so count yourself lucky if all goes well. First flight and I am in love, second flight and I have no rudder, correction, it is stuck left. I manage to bring it in fighting it with the ailerons and what do you know, time to replace another servo or three actually, I am not trusting my ailerons to the ones that came installed.

If you want it, get the kit and save yourself the trouble and uncertainty of these sub par components.

Thanks I feel better.


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Looks like the "myriad of improvements over the original Bixler" may need to be taken with a grain of salt!
I would agree that spending another $20.00 for a kit version plus getting servos and electronics that have a better reputation may be the way to go.
I have two of the original units and neither of them is close to being stock either.

Venting is always good...