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"The Day I Smoked A Tree"

Well ive had 2 battery's worth of amazing flight. Never crashed once, many perfectly flared landings, high bank turns...

Then all of a sudden... Wham!, crinkle!, thwack!... i smoke a tree! 😂​

...I thought. "Oh boy i did it this time..."​

...But, headed home with foam pieces in hand, laughing from adrenaline. I had a plan...​

Although after closer inspection of my shattered, crumpled pieces. I realize they are not usable. So i constructed new filler pieces. But soon realized id be missing out on my wings rounded leading edge with them glued in individually. So i traced my individual filler pieces laying end to end, and cut a bevel between the two, and whammy!​

I can pinch it between two fingers and swing it around with zero flex! Im always amazed at how well the foam planes go "back together", haha.​

And as for the nose of the motor mount. Well she exploded as well... 🤣 I had to completely re-engineer a couple half oval foam pieces to fill the void.​

...all is well now tho. Cant wait to get out there and fly. I just get nothing but crappy weather here, and 6/12mph wind. So i gotta wait for a good "launch window" 😉.​


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Great repair job! Build, Fly, Crash, Repeat

At some point in the not to distant future you will need to build a new plane. Any repair will add weight, which will starts to add up over time. You could start a new build now so when that day comes, all you need to do is move stuff over to the new plane. It pays to plan ahead.


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I feel take on the weather deal. It's been 20's and 30's and windy here in Louisville KY. The couple of breaks in weather we get I end up too busy with kids and what not to capitalize on it. Not to mention it's dark at 530. Why can't spring and summer last year round...