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the Dino Sportster

The Hangar

Fly harder!
Sure, it's a great flyer, take off in 2 meters and land everywhere, never stalls.
highly suggested for a newbie, really easy to fly
Great! I've heard a lot of good things about the sportster but haven't every actually flown or built one yet. Maybe when I retire my kitfox...
few days ago I was at the field with a young boy next to me, he's learning with the cable radio.
He's already quite good with the trainer
I passed my radio to him telling him "fly Dino"
and he was flying it amazingly!
Can anyone help me with getting the Laser cut files for the sportster? A few of my students want to build them while they are stuck at home. Any help would be great!


Legendary member
Hey great little monster! I mean the plane. It's my first build, the Sportster, I have it here ready to maiden. Weather's getting nicer but we're supposed to stay in, here in Brooklyn. The orange looks beautiful against the brown paper. I never would have thought to go that way. Sweet.