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The drone of a Drone

Hey everyone,

I am fairly new to drones & quad copters.. I started flying Mini 3 and 4 channel RC Heli's around my office a couple years ago. The batteries all died and they stopped working. After about a year the itch came back when I saw one of Steel's FPV Acro videos.

My first venture into the hobby was to try and build a 450 Drone on the cheap and so I used an Arduino to build a 450 with cheap motors & a cheap knock-off flywheel frame. It actually flew quite well, but I wanted to ultimately do some arial video/photography with it and so I updated it.. This is where things went wrong.... I ended up using a 10DOF SP F3 Racing Flight Controller and a cheap M8N Ublox GPS to turn my DIY Quad into a functional drone.. Or so I thought. After about a year of breaking blades and crashing into my backyard fence its now shelved. I tried a ton of things to get it going, but it just would not fly right. I have been told by a number of people, I should have chosen a better FC and a better GPS with all the needed drone components in the FPS ( Compas, GPS, Baro ). Honestly I don't feel like spending any more money on this guy as I've spent way, way more than my wife has budgeted for me to do so ;)

Since then though, I've been playing around with some Eachine E011's and have performed some firmware updates. I am now learning acro on this and I just built my first 3" Quadcopter ( Omnibus ) but due to weather I have not yet maidened it.

Thus - If anyone has a good working FC & GPS combo they could spare - I would love to have another go at getting this thing off the ground.

Oh, the motors are crap as well ( I've had a few props fly off ) .. If anyone has a set of 1000KV motors with proper self locking nuts on top, those would be helpful as well!!

I have started up a Youtube channel so I can share my adventure with others. I would love to get my drone working and share that as well.. So far its not been worth it. :) Also, my wife will be happy all my money was not wasted. lol

Happy Flying!