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The Fixler


How many letters do we ge
Lobstermash can give you the full run down, but this plane has spent 2 weeks in a tree and has crashed many times. In other word's it has seen better days.

Last night it was refurbished during one of our (air)Craft Nights.

Today it's latest pupil coined a new name, so I adjusted the decal:




Propaganda machine
Poor old Bix. Until recently, glydr had crashed it more than I had, in spite of its... well loved appearance. This Bixler was bought to be my first FPV model. It served that purpose and many more. I sold it, and was given it back by the purchaser after I retrieved it on a rainy night after it spent two weeks in a tree. I've used it on the slope, to thermal, to FPV and to train new fliers. It's even been faster than glydr's Parkjet (but then so is my Atom)!

Now it has gone to greener pastures - the poor thing can't get any uglier, nor is there room for more tape...


How many letters do we ge
Until recently, glydr had crashed it more than I had,
Are you referring to that less-than-perfect landing up on the hill? I was struggling with the heavy controls on your TGY radio!


The canopy is a far cry better than your excuse for a canopy!