The Flying Pickle:A dive into flying vegetables


For years (An hour maybe) I have toiled,breaking bones (mostly my pride) to ask the most serious and debated question in todays' world:
"Can the pickle fly?"
Now after my very serious math calculations i am putting forward the idea that YES,yes the pickle can fly.
After adding the impossibility of this situation and multiplying my stupidity,I am sending Pitts the Pickle on his maiden voyage tp space (Likely the ground,as the pickle is fairly large and our resources few)
I will post the progress of the S.A.P.T.P company in its build of the P-1,the first flying pickle.


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Hi, well, your invention looks interesting. I'm very curious, how did you get to the idea of a flying pickle? I'm just very interested in what circumstances prompted you to do this? When I saw this topic, I thought that it was about food. I thought there would be a topic here about how long broccoli is stored or how to find out that broccoli has gone bad. It's actually more interesting than flying pickle. Now I was wondering, can it really fly, and what did you fill it with so that it could fly? Okay, good luck, and I'll go find a topic about real food.

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