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The FT Community picked a wing for my next plane. Here is what I ordered:


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Well, the votes came in, and the FliteTest community narrowly picked a wing over a SPAD stick. Not wanting to disappoint, I ordered a Titan from Crash Test Hobby, and the NTM 3530 Motor/ESC/Prop Combo from Plane Insane RC.

I made a point to order both from CONUS companies so I wouldn't have to wait too long for things to arrive. I'm excited, folks, and I think you all should be, too! :D

This thread will follow the delivery, build, and first few flights of the Titan, which I have decided will be named Bob. Stay tuned, folks!


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Waiting to see some FAAAAST low passages :D

EDIT: i dont know how the Titan flies .. but the Grim Reaper looks better ... can someone explain the flight characteristics of each one ??

titan looks more agile and instable and might suffer from up/down tendencies.

Grim reaper looks more stable and it will glide better.

this is just my feeling; im used to wings shaped like the grim reaper .... with 1800-2200Kv motor 7x6 prop.
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Sorry for the delay. My entire family came down with the flu, one after the other. I do have an update for y'all, but have been too busy to get it posted!
Interested.....the Titan made my top three of CONUS available flying wings when I started looking around for wing kits...at a very reasonable price I might add. But since a flying wing for me may need to be a bit more utilitarian since fpv is a given I ruled out the Titan. Sorta atypical dimensions for a flying wing, although aesthetically pleasing. That narrow wing with very little difference between root/tip cord coupled with short sweep and very large dimensions (58" aint small folks) equals in mind a very good fast wing with strong lateral stability (so much so that rolls might be "interesting") and relatively high wing loading numbers for a flying wing. This is all just unfounded assumptions on my part of course. Eye catching fast level flyer lacking in the acrobatics department due to the inertia created by a 58" span....very interested to see how this turns out because for $65 plus shipping why the hell not!


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Apologies, folks, for how long it has taken me to get everything I need for this build. The wing, the glorious wing, has a span almost as wide as I am tall. The foam is very nice, if a bit fuzzy, and the kit arrived with wing laminate, some motor mount plates, control horns, push rods, shock cord (looks like cotton twine to me, but it could be made out of fishing line and be able to do its job properly. It just sorta holds bits together in a crash), some du-bro e/z connectors, a big-ass prop, and some fiberglass rods. Interestingly, the webpage doesn't mention fiberglass rods, but does mention one carbon fiber rod, which I don't see in the box.
The motor kit came from Plane Insane RC, which I've linked to above. It included a 1400 KV Turnigy motor, two hitec hs-422 servos, a HobbyWing Pentium-40A ESC (with a 3 amp BEC, according to the packaging), some extra servo extensions, and a few other random odds and ends.
Motor- forum.jpg
Those boxes arrived weeks ago, both within two days of my order, but the part that I've been waiting for just arrived yesterday.
That's right, the tape. That damnable tape wasn't available in any store in the area, and I didn't want to deviate from the instructions, so I ordered it on Amazon. 2 inch Scotch Extreme packing tape.

My plan is to work on it slowly over the next couple of weeks. I'll be gluing the wing halves together today, as I am sure the owner of the hot glue gun I've borrowed would like it back. I have a friend who is an artist (she lives off of the commissions for her large scale paintings) and I think I will ask her to throw a coat of paint on it when it is done. I may just put stickers on it, though. Who knows?


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I've glued her wings together, and drawn my guidelines for where I need to melt the foam and glue in the spars. Now I find that one of my employees has brought the soldering iron to one of our other offices, so I cannot do it today. Unfortunately, I need to either buy another, or have it sent back.
Amazon has everything. Shoot, flite test should do what everyone else does and have an Amazon account. Click on the link from Flittest, order your stuff and flitetest gets a taste. Works for Dr. Steve's Weird Medicine show, Phil Hendries podcast and a bunch others.