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The LazyGoose

A new scratch-build plane: the LazyGoose

Fuselage is made from 3/4" Dow Insulation foam from Lowes
Wings are made from Dollar Tree Foam.
The cover for the electronics is poster board

The plane flies nice and slow, really lazy on the controls

Using a Hextronik 1700KV Blue Wonder motor swinging a 8*3.8 propeller, a 2s 950mAh Nanotech battery, and 2 9g servos


The videos of the flights:

Maiden flight:

POV flight:
Thanks! yeah, this plane is underpowered also, but it flies nice that way :)

Got really close to myself on one pass
I guess 6 inches or so :p
Here are the general plans. The wings were two pieces of Dollar tree foamboard.
Total wingspan: 60 in.
Wing Chord Length: 7 in.
Standard Armin Wing Airfoil for the wings
Amount of Dihedral: about 20 degrees in total, about 10 degrees for each wing
Leading edge of wing is 10 inches from the nose

There is a bass spar running through the tail section of the fuselage: 1/16" x 1/4" x 24"
I think you need to expand the picture to the full size in another tab to see the numbers. Sorry that it is hand drawn.

Please let me know what to improve on the plans, thanks! :)


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Painted the wings orange :) helped with visibility




Also I got pretty close to the trees


Video from that flight:
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Video from today. Flying in winds about 15mph
First Crash of the LazyGoose. Plane has been almost fully repaired already.

Bird flying/chasing plane for a brief second (it was too windy to keep up with the plane):

Picture of the damage:
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