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The new water resistant foam board

I just finished my first speed build kit, (Tiny Trainer) and I ordered it in the water resistant foam board version. I am not new to the Adams DT foam board but the new water resistant stuff was quite a bit different to work with. First of I noticed that the hot glue has slightly limited adhesion properties as compared to the regular paper board. In some instances such as mounting the servos, I lightly sanded the foam board before gluing them in. Second, tape is somewhat resistant to stick as well. Now this of course is just my observations and may not be shared by others but as I was building my kit, I was thinking that maybe a video covering the difference might be useful since the new water resistant foam board is now available for the kits. This would be most helpful to us beginners. Thanks for all you guys and gals do! You have made this hobby way more fun and affordable to a lot of us out here.


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Congrats on your first SBK!

I've noticed the glue doesn't seem to soak/bind in as well but it hasn't caused me any problems in the air yet. Good work with the sanding, definitely a good idea for parts that carry a lot of load (like servos!) and also as a pre-treatment for painting. It's also quite common on all planes to sand or rough up the side of the servo that you're sticking down.

As far as the tape goes, try a few different brands/types and you should find one that works well on WR. I have different preferred tapes for foamboard, WR foamboard, EPO, and plastic.


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Peter brought this up in one of the first build videos he used with it. Also I think it has been discussed that a higher temp glue gun works even better for this foam, I think I heard that.


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I bought the FT mini F22 Raptor speed build kit with the water resistant foam. My first crash was fatal - the entire nose section and a bit of the intake completely snapped off into two pieces. When crashing a plane made from dollar tree foam board, it usually crumples and deforms.

Is this common for the water resistant stuff? Is it more brittle? I was a bit upset at first, but now I think it might be easier to glue the nose back on since it didn't crumple...