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The next step.

So I recently bought an Inductrix fpv+ and after only 21 flights one of the motors gave out, also it doesn’t seem to bee a very good quad for freestyle (freaks out on flips/rolls).
I would like to step it up and get something brushless that is dsmx, preferably something that will run on 2s (not like the Inductrix bl which only runs on 1s). I have been really considering the torrent 110 or one of the brushless betafpv models, but I am open to other options available (must be spektrum compatible). Also, I don’t want to spend more than ~$140.
Any suggestions?


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I have the torrent which is my first drone other than an inductrix w/o fpv. I use 3s and it is a handful but really threw me in there and I can tell I will eventually get the hang of it. It's a little much for indoors, but is a blast outdoors. If you get it, reinforce the vtx antenna with hot glue, and put heat shrink or wire insulator with the wire pulled out on the rx antennas, then reinforce them with hot glue. I have also already broken a prop guard, so will end up taking them off. Idk what tx you have, but I have the Dxe(which is not good), but if you have that (since you specified dsmx and it is the only spek tx that does not also have dsm2), make sure to change the rates in betaflight because even with full rates on the tx(changed on the app) the tx does not use the whole range, and horizon mode is not immediately available.
I have both a dxe and a dx6i, so not a big issue, I’m really leaning towards the torrent right now. I didn’t have any trouble flying the fpv+ in acro mode so I don’t think I will have any troubles keeping it in control. Thanks for the tips too, might need those tips to save myself frustrations ;).
Oh, and my new motors for the fpv+ should be here Saturday.