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The only interface you should really buy (for Phoenix and other simulators)

Hello everyone! I have noticed a couple of posts on simulators here.
Well, for my 2 cents, I strongly encourage you to buy what I got for myself, precisely because the interface I am talking about does have some extra value, as opposed to all the others.
Without getting into the copyright topics, presuming that you buy your own software legally, I suggest to get this unit strictly speaking because it can also work WIRELESSLY. Also as in: you choose, it does both. So that, besides being able to use it with the standard audio minijack cable, you can also fit it with your own receiver and control the units from a distance (on the sofa facing a 60" plasma screen).


It works flawlessly with Phoenix (latest online upgrades, too), and it helps a lot in getting confidence with your particular transmitter, so to test your expos, rates, trims, mixes. I say this because training on the simulator helps a lot only if you are testing the closest interface possible compared to the real thing. Meaning, that only the flying model should be virtual, while all the rest should stay as close to the real thing.
I hope this helped! :)



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Thanks for the post superfly, I'd be up for one of those but at the moment my computer monitor is bigger than my TV (and the monitor is a modest 22" in case you are wondering - yes we have a 12 year old TV!).

Without getting into the copyright topics, presuming that you buy your own software legally,
I want to 'bold' this topic with a link to my thoughts on piracy in my blog here: http://forum.flitetest.com/entry.php?26-The-simulator-screen-shots-thread

Good, I am glad I helped :) Speaking of ease of use, besides the fact of being without a cable AS AN OPTION, meaning that it also works great with the cable, I found this to be the only way in order to use all the expos, rates, mixes, because the way I understood about the trainer port is that it sends out only raw linear data. So in this way I can trick Phoenix for example in testing different setups.
Do you also have alternative workarounds for that? I ask because using the wireless link does also consume much more battery power as opposed to the cable link...