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The Power Pack H Drought


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What's an H, 1106? Let's see, got a few in that category:

The pusher hawkeye with an 1108:

The "Lidl Blackbird" with twin 1106's:

It's a little beat up at the moment... lol

The dart with 1106's:

And the hawkeye twin with 1103's


All sub 250 grams with FPV....


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I don't know why, but all that exposed wiring electronics bugs me.
i understand but for me speed, simplicity, and effectiveness is more important than looks. especially when considering the size of these planes, covering wires adds weight. i have a room full of pretty planes i can fly but often i find my favs end up being the hair-brainded, sketched this on a piece of paper, then built it airplanes. i've had these motors for a long time and never got them to work, so not only was this a culmination on learning how to set up the system properly, but also a proof positive of a brand new designed airplane to test said advancements. all for less than $1. cant beat that with a stick. :LOL:

just my $.02,

me :cool:
I guess I'm a little late, but I've got something in the works... its just a CAD model right now but hopefully it will be done before summer's over. The idea is that it will be 3D printed from LW-PLA, which is about half the density of regular PLA filament. The whole thing should be pretty light, probably around 250 grams. Wing loading will be low though, so it should make a decent trainer.
Twin Raven.JPG

Ryan O.

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Well it seems Power Pack H is discontinued along with the Dart, so I guess it's up to the community to make Power Pack H ish planes, although I can't find the board for power pack H (all the other ones are still on sale)