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"The right stuff" Gws Slow Stick FPV


Lil' P_Dragonfly
Hey guy's! I'm new to this forum and would like to start off with hello! I am redesigning a gws slow stick for fpv and would really appreciate some input on the equipment that I have in mind. I have a tight budget and would like to get close enough to "the right stuff" the first time. Below are the links to the equipment that I have picked out. Would like to stay with 200mw and 5.8ghz. Please help out if you can:D

tx & rx: http://www.bevrc.com/bev-58g-200mw-p...r-fpv_p18.html

camera: http://www.bevrc.com/bevkx121ntsc_p254.html

antenna's: http://www.bevrc.com/bev-58g-cloverl...psma_p310.html
I've got the same transmitter/receiver and built my own clover leaf but it took me about 3 hours to build 2 of them so I think next time I'll just buy them, especially since they are under $20.

The only thing I'm going to suggest is another camera, take a look at this one

RC model reviews did a review on it - you can see it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdqsClsJyUU

I use this camera and it's really good for the price.


Propaganda machine
Wow, BevRC are pretty well priced, especially with free EMS shipping for orders >$200... That brings them to just a shade over HK's price for a pair of goggles and a video tx... Plus you can buy your antennas through them.


Lil' P_Dragonfly
Whats goin on fella's? I've been on a mini family vacation for the past two days. We like to small vacations through out the year instead of one big one! Keeps it interesting ya know! Anyway I actually have the sony super had (2.8mm lens) on the way from sc2000. Been doing alot of reading lately. I know thats what it takes but man theres alot of info out there. I also have a 200mw tx & rx on the way as well as a pair of cl antennas! Some of my SS parts were damaged upon arrival. The fuse just got here today and the wing will be here hopefully by Saturday. Then the building begins!