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The Taker!


ARC=Almost Ready to Crash
Here is the best and easiest scratch build. You can not crash it, because it's a 0 Channel,it crashes itself. It is my 1st scratch build and was made using motor's from servo's, a 200mAh battery,foam from an old plane,glue and tape(you will see fiber glass because the Taker crashed itself and needed repairs).
Now remember this self-crashing airplane unfortunately DOES NOT FIX ITSELF. The only thing it does by itself is fly. The furthest Iv'e ever flown it is 15m.
Picture 063.jpg Picture 053.jpg Picture 054.jpg Picture 055.jpg Picture 056.jpg Picture 057.jpg Picture 058.jpg Picture 059.jpg


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Rubber band powered plane without the rubber bands! I like it. Might want to add a little rudder to make it travel in circles though.