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The wings on my Mustang are curling

I'm on my second Mustang.

On the first, I didn't use the landing gear and chose to belly land it. The plane dipped slightly as it was doing it's final stall near the ground and the wings started to curl down at the tips (about the last two inches) with repeated hits.

On the second, I decided to go ahead and use the landing gear (the wires by the way are under strength for the plane). I fly out of a grass strip and it tends to nose over when landing. Again, nothing too serious but it too has started to have the wings curl at the tips. It still flies pretty good but but I can see this one needing replacing pretty soon for the same reason.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same issues with theirs and how they corrected it or, more importantly, how they prevented it.

Add a standard issue BBq skewer in the score folds at the wing tips and you can add one in the leading edge. The springy-ness of the skewers helps the foam to spring back after a not greased in landing.
The wooden skewer sounds like a good way to prevent it from happening on builds which just use the paper on the foam for strength. I have not experienced the curling of the wing tips on my Mustang at all but I did cover the external surfaces with some thick book contact someone gave to me. It made the plane 200 grams heavier so I can't do crazy manoeuvers but it can still climb and is nice to just cruise around with. It will still do loops and rolls. The extra weight did affect the stall characteristics a little though.
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Ya know, that's what I love about this forum. Post a question, go in a get a shower and come out and there are three good responses.

I'll give it a shot, thanks.