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Just been watching some of the old Flight Test shows and the combination of Josh Bixler and Josh Scott. They were hysterical together during the teacher-student episodes. I wonder if they could adopt this idea below:

Well we all know who the Wright Brothers were, so why not have a fun video of the two Josh's showing the "WRONG" way to start out in flying? The "Wrong Brothers". It would take in things to avoid when starting out in RC flight. For example, if your a total novice, then don't try to start this hobby on your own, get a teacher or a club. It would show the safety aspects and also be done in a fun and informative manner. Many ideas could be applied to the "Wrong Brothers". The two Josh's make a perfect comedy duo when they want to, although they are very clever guys in their own. Maybe once a month Flight Test could do this fun video and I am sure many people would watch the episodes. Beginners and experts alike.

Best to all,
Mike in Scotland:)