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There's no embarrassment in crashing, if you caught it on video and can share it.


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New pilots seem ashamed to admit they crashed. Crashing is a fact of life in this hobby. You're going to do it, and while the crashes might be less frequent, they never quite go away.

The great thing about catching it on video is that not only can you use it as a tool to see what went wrong, but it gives your flying friends something to chuckle at while they try to pretend they didn't crash just as bad last week...

So, post up some of your best not quite flite videos, I know you've got some to share.



"Aah thats not what I wanted" Funny and hurtful all at the same time. Does anyone else have a jumping reaction the moment before impact? My son has this unconscience leap off the ground, not quite sure what it prevents as the crash happens just the same. lol
Fred sorry to see the quad go down so soon. The way it flipped so fast it was like you lost a motor, possible wire connection come loose? ESC malfunction?


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Haha what a great thread!

Unfortunately, I haven't been flying with an onboard camera long enough to have had captured some of my "greater" moments but I have a couple to share.

This one here is probably the 2nd worse crash I have had with a Quadcopter. Learned a lot from it too, like, don't run small motors with small props on a large frame. (For the record, my neighbors are totally cool with me flying over their property just so long as if I were to crash and damage something, I share the video.)

The last one I have to share was all my fault but I did manage to pull off my first flip with a tricopter. I have absolutely beaten the hell out of this little tri and it still flies great. :D (Skip ahead to 6min 52s to see the crashes)


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aiidanwings, you gave me several good laughs, because I recognized the panic in your flying and the crash could be seen coming from very far =) - thanks!

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Dude, everyone crashes. Those who don't, don't fly or they're lying.

Here's the death of my four star nitro. It broke it in half, literally. I'm almost done recovering it after the repairs, still need a new engine though.

Here's the last flight of my first E-flite Micro 4-Site. It's totally hammered and flexes like a snake but I had to fly it one more time lol.

Here's my big nitro cub being landed in the bushes because the landing gear fell off during takeoff.

First thirty seconds of this video show my crash and my super supportive friends lol.

This one's sort of self expanatory and short

2011-07-15_16-21-00_518.jpg 2012-03-17_20-43-36_183.jpg 2013-01-12_21-03-49_45.jpg 2013-01-12_21-04-37_59.jpg 2012-05-30_21-05-59_608.jpg IMAG0428.jpg

IMAG0853.jpg IMAG0854.jpg


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Dude, everyone crashes. Those who don't, don't fly or they're lying.
That, or they use those little 2-4 channel coax helicopters, and absolutely refuse to try anything else because 'I don't wanna crash/harder is not more fun' I like coax heli's just fine, but I'm not so afraid of breaking one that I won't get a little adventurous. The guy who comes to mind tied his to a string so it wouldn't go very far.