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Things to do with your friends at the field

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
A show that I think a lot of people would like is a show on things to do at the park with your plane. You guys are great at challenges, how about a show on games with your friends ie.
knocking paper cup stacks off the table
ribbon cutting
streamer dog fighting (for people without combat wings)
spot landing challenges
who can fly the longest on a battery (same plane same battery)
trampoline landings and fly unders
drop challenges (cup taped to the wing works well to drop ping pong balls etc) and the like

One I like is to fly around and have your buddy tell you when to cut the throttle and then you have to glide dead stick to a predetermined landing spot and stick the landing. That adds the challenge of not knowing when you are going to lose power and makes it fun for your buddy trying to get you in trouble.

Do it decathalon style, have several events that you score throughout the day, makes it a fun day of flying with little hassle.

I'm sure your collective think tank can manage a few more than I can muster. Some things you can do alone to keep it fun might help people as well.

These are just ideas of mine that I think would make good shows and not require high investment costs or build time.