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this kite will fly?


Senior Member
hello Everybody

Tonight I built a new wing because my last was not quite well done. Once finished, I saw it was more thick than the last I made. the last was 1.8mm = 0.708in and flew very well.
by the cons that I have done this night, it is 23mm = 0.905in. is this going to be a problem? I have also 1.763oz = 50g more than my first wing, I made a key wing of really solid. I think in terms of weight it's going to go well ...?
Well, I'll put some pics ..
Tonight, I finished a few finishes and I am working as

554930_10151505536161280_170986491_n.jpg 417592_10151505536206280_142116496_n.jpg 479871_10151505536186280_2093743472_n.jpg 481075_10151505536226280_1816653854_n.jpg 541626_10151505536311280_1929936108_n.jpg 69644_10151505536331280_1034814686_n.jpg 482414_10151505536386280_1515113316_n.jpg 549376_10151505536411280_808404379_n.jpg