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Throttle issue....


Junior Member
Hi guys,
just bought my first plane that wasn't a BNF, and have an issue.
I have successfully bound the Orangerx to my dx6i, but at minimum throttle, the motor is running, making it a little unsafe. How do I rectify this? Can I somehow calibrate the esc?

Thanks in advance,



More combat please...
First set the endpoints
Take off the prop for safety.
Turn the radio on, throttle stick all the way up, throttle trim all the way down.
Plug in your battery. The motor won't spin (shouldn't anyway) wait for the beep beep. High endpoint is set.
Throttle stick all the way down, the motor will arm and the low endpoint is set.

Now rebind so that the radio will learn the failsafe positons. (Throttle all the way down. Throttle trim all the way down. Other trims and stick centered)


The Expert Newbie
Yes, do exactly what jetpackninja said, however, if that doesnt work, in my case the prob was WITH THE ESC (maybe motor) but I enabled brake and the motor stops now!

If u have a computer programmable Tx, you can reset the end points and for all normal Tx, make sure that the TRIM tab for throttle is at the MINIMUM (I always keep it here)