Throttle Mixing - DX6i No Good..Other radios?


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Please help me! I am trying to build a special new type of quadcopter and I need to try mixing from elevator to throttle but my DX6i doesn't allow it. I am willing to purchase another radio (granted its a reasonable price for a student like myself) if that radio has the mixing. Keep in mind that I still need to be able to use the throttle hold/pitch functions of the radio.


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If you need DSM2/DSMX, I guess I would look into the other, more advanced Spektrum TX's, but I only have a DX6i so I don't know if they are flexible enough either.

Other options include getting a Walkera Devo7/8S/10 and installing the DeviationTX software. That system gives full flexibility and DSM2/DSMX compatibility at a budget.

Another option is getting a FrSky Taranis X9D+ with a DSM2/DSMX module and installing the latest OpenTX (2.1.x) -- I use opentx for fixed wing, multi-rotor, and collective pitch helicopters. In my CP helis, I mix the pitch servo with the throttle channel and it's super simple. You can also have many different throttle and pitch curves. Lots of flexibility. Lots of ways to implement throttle hold as well with two position, three position, and momentary switches.


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Are you sure you can't create a custom mix on the DX6i to do that? I guess not. I looked at the DX6i manual and it says "(THROTTLE cannot be mixed with itself or as a slave)."

Not sure what it is you need to do but the FlySky i6 can create a master slave mix where CH4 elv affects Ch3 thr. The i6s mixing is pretty limited but you get 3 mixes to work with. Not sure about hold/pitch - sound like heli settings that I'm not that familiar with. It has idle and a throttle curve in airplane mode and hold and pitch curve in heli so probably. How the mix will affect that I cannot say.

You would have to be more precise about what you want and I might be able to try it.

I'm sure any OpenTX based radio (9XPro, Taranis Plus or flashed 9x) can do it. You could download OpenTX companion and simulate it to see if it does what you want. You just watch the channel display to see what the channels do when you program them.

My guess is you could also do it on the cheapo HK/FS T6A and data cable if you want something really cheap to experiment with. Download this Digital Radio software to see what you can program with it. I think it's actually a bit more flexible than the i6 for mixes if you can put up with the rest of its inconveniences. Not sure it does the Throttle and Pitch thing though.

None of these radios is Spektrum compatible so you will need to use a different receiver. There are ways you can make the OpenTX radios Spektrum compatible but you have to spend some money and the solutions are not that great.

Otherwise I suggest you download the DX6 manual and see what it can do.
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