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Throwback; 8th Grade Plane Design/Flight

So here's the necessary backstory to this thread:

-I used fly airplanes a lot as a kid (10-14)
-I started scratch building around age 12 or 13
-I stopped flying airplanes around age 14 because it was too expensive to be enjoyable; the chores that bought my electronics and foamboard began to take up more time than the flying itself.

Flash foward to today, (age 18) and I have rekindled my love of flight and gotten back into scratch building. I'm currently building a CTH kit, the Widowmaker, and I'm designing/building a davinci-glider-looking thing, but I'll talk about those in separate posts. Right now I just want to share what got me back into flying.

I was chatting with my dad and one of us mentioned RC somehow. He immediately pulled up a video from eighth grade that I had forgotten existed. It was the maiden flight of a airplane that I had designed and built all on my own. The stupid thing was called the Pappy (couldn't tell ya why) and considering the fact that I had thrown it together one day after school, it flew shockingly well. I remember finishing it late at night, so the next morning before school I couldn't help but run out to the park and chuck it out with heavy wind blowing directly from right to left. Watching the video made me ridiculously sentimental, and less than a day later I had electronics and a wing on their way to my front door. With my job now, all of rc flying is in arms reach and I'm thrilled about it. :))

Thanks to everyone in Flitetest for inspiring me all those years ago and giving me the skills to come back into this hobby today without too much trouble, I owe you all a ton.

(Also I'm not sure if I did it correctly, but there should be a video clip and a photo attached to this post)



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Well, I am about the same age as you when you stopped, and still going strong but electronics are easy to get a hold of now. It's a great time to be in the hobby, welcome back!


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Welcome back to the hobby. I never got the chance as a young'in, but I'm glad I have one now. I look forward to see what you build.