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Thrust angle on Sea Otter


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It seems incredibly high, eyeballed at like 15°, before I throw this joker in the air I wanted to know if this is the norm.
as long as you built it on the suggested angle, your OK, the higher the motor is above the wing the more the thrust angle needed
double check your work to the plans, if its right...... then chuck it in the air :)


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We must have either used different plans or one of us did something wrong as the thrust line on mine is parralell with the wing centre line though it is angles slightly towards the starboard.

Just my bird.

have fun!
I havent built a sea otter but I havent seen others have a complaint about thrust angles or inherent handling issues, so I would assume that following the plans are the best approach
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I'm fairly certain I built it to spec, I'm gonna look real hard at some images. If it crashes oh well I can build another one 😉

Ryan O.

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I built mine to spec, and it seems like it will never get off the ground. Don't touch the elevator until you reach speed, then it will leap in the air. Also, be careful to give down input after it is a few feet off the air because you may end up stalling. The Sea otter is a great plane for flying low to the ground and doing tight coordinated turns. I would also add stall fences to the wing.
Couple things I'm noticing.
Looks like your nacelle is up-side-down? There shouldn't be an opening visible on the top, that's where the support should go through. This would make your thrust angle opposite of what it should be.
Secondly, I think your prop is on backwards. Remember whether pushing or pulling, the propeller should be in the same orientation as the airplane is facing. The easy tip is the writing on the prop should always be facing the front of the plane.
Good luck!